Mission and vision

We strive to make our clients' life easier by eliminating bad competition and giving a chance to real professionals. Our vision is to provide everyone with access to solid and reliable Architects, Builders and Construction Loan Specialists.

What we value

At Construction Guide, the way we go about our everyday tasks shows our commitment. We pride ourselves on our customer-centric business attitude, and our five core values lie at the heart of everything we do.


We fully realize the power of our words, and so everything we say and do is with thought and respect for others. We only make promises we know we can keep, and ensure we're completely transparent in everything we do, every step of the way.

Customer service

Clients are our number one priority. Without them, we wouldn't be here. We make sure there's someone on hand every step of the way, and an experienced Account Manager will be available to keep track of everything. Our rolodex includes a wide variety of professionals with specialties ranging from niche renovators to ground-up high-rise construction.


Construction Guide ensures every construction firm we work with is carefully vetted before any work starts, in order to maintain our high standards and quality of work. Every CG builder is interviewed to ensure they have the correct licenses, insurances, professional standards, and come with strong NYC, Hamptons market references and related past projects.

Respect to people

We make it our aim that all jobs challenge our team in positive ways. We offer opportunities for career progression, and give our employees every chance to improve their industry knowledge and reach their personal goals. Our employees will collaborate with smart and talented people of New York, but still keep the autonomy they need to feel confident and respected.

Good citizenship

We care about the City where we live and work, so we're Volunteers of New York Cares organization. We help preparing hot meals for anyone in need, coaching elementary school students how to play soccer and chess, as well as revitalizing the grounds of city parks.

Ilya Lugintsev signature of Ilya Lugintsev

Founder & CEO, Ilya G. Lugintsev