AIA Updates its Construction Documents to Ensure Safety and Success

AIA Updates its Construction Documents to Ensure Safety and Success

The American Institute of Architects has recently updated its Contractor’s Qualification Statement and Warranty Bond. The purpose was to ensure continued safety and compliance in design and construction. We at Construction Guide are pleased to see the updates and welcome the changes to these important documents.
Contractor’s Qualification Statement (A305)

The A305 is used to gain information on a contractor’s qualifications, and so is obviously a vital document in all projects. The AIA consulted with experts in various fields to update the form so it reflected current industry practice.

The statement now includes information on contractor’s capabilities such as BIM experience, sustainability, and safety protocols and plans. The form can now also be modulated to include general information for all departments, but also separate sensitive information such as performance and financial details so they can only be seen for certain projects. This new move will help contractors to remain compliant with current rules while also protecting their data whenever possible.

Warranty Bond (A313)

The A313 is designed to cover a contractor’s post-completion warranty obligations. A contractor’s post-completion obligations can be a difficult subject to cover, particularly on complex and large-scale projects. The new warranty form is designed to make the process much simpler and smoother.

The AIA worked with the National Association of Surety Bond Producers and the Surety and Fidelity Association to develop the form and ensure its compliance with current industry guidelines. We welcome the difference this will make to dealing with warranty obligation processes.

Here at Construction Guide, we always stay up to date with new industry developments, particularly ones as important as these. Hopefully these updated forms will make processes smoother for all parties involved while also protecting data and obligations.

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