How Can Construction Managers and Architects Work Together to Get More From the Project?

How Can Construction Managers and Architects Work Together to Get More From the Project?

Construction managers and architects both play very important roles in a construction project. However, this also means that they can often clash over differences in vision. Here at Construction Guide, we understand how this can impact a construction project, so we’ve written some tips on how to get the most from an architect and construction manger collaboration.

Play to each other’s strengths

Architects and construction managers perform similar duties in terms of how they guide the construction project, as both attempt to realize their vision. However, while both have many strengths, there are also weaknesses of each role.

For example, architects often get their mind set on the outcome of a construction project. After all, they design the building, and so theirs is often one of the first visual representations of what it’ll look like. It’s understandable that they can become protective of the project.

Construction managers, on the other hand, are focused on the functionality and efficiency of the project, not the mention the cost. This can be both a strength and a weakness, as sometimes it can be difficult to see beyond the numbers. Luckily, these two roles can play off each other’s strengths if done properly.

Planning is key

One of the most important ways to avoid clashes on the construction site is for architects and construction managers to work alongside each other from the very early stages. This can make a massive difference to any future difficulties experienced in the project.

For example, construction managers are trained to spot problems early on and deal with them quickly. So if they’re involved with the architect’s planning, it can be much easier to nip any problems in the bud before it gets to the construction stage. Working on the early planning stages together in this way should shape it into a more practical plan that requires fewer changes during construction.

Similarly, architects should stay involved throughout the construction process so that they’re on-hand to discuss any possible changes to the plan. If changes need to be made for practical reasons, then the architect should be kept in the loop so that their vision can still be realized.

Don’t forget to communicate

This is true of any working relationship, but communication is key to effective collaboration between architects and construction managers. Being able to openly discuss any concerns or thoughts about a project makes a real difference. Both sides should keep the other updated on events, and this will foster a much more effective working relationship, allowing you to get the most out of your construction project.


Construction managers and architects can function in very similar roles throughout the lifetime of a construction project, and it’s no wonder that they don’t always agree on everything. However, proper and efficient collaboration is important, not just for job completion, but for everyone else working on-site. By communicating clearly about even small details, architects and construction managers will hopefully find their working relationships much easier.

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