How to Win a Construction Bid

How to Win a Construction Bid

For contractors, winning a bid can sometimes be the most difficult part of the whole job. Whether you’re a long-established business or new to the industry, having an effective bidding strategy can make all the difference and allow you to streamline your efforts.

Here at Construction Guide, we understand that bidding on construction projects can be challenging, so we’ve brought together our top tips for how to win a construction bid.

1. Do your homework

Much like you would for a job interview, research the company you’re bidding for and tailor your strategy to their needs. A quick search of the website will tell you plenty, and it can be helpful asking around for insider information. Similarly, modify your bidding strategy if it’s not working for you. After all, you wouldn’t continue building houses the same way if they kept falling down.

2. Know who you’re bidding for

Knowing specifics about your different target audiences (such as private companies, homeowners, or subcontractors) will allow you to develop unique strategies for each market. Being able to address a client’s personal needs and issues makes you much more successful.

3. Know your own abilities (and limitations)

Before you even start bidding it’s worth setting out your own goals and abilities. This means you can target the right bids and won’t waste time chasing after something that doesn’t match your abilities. Have a look at the current bidding offerings and categorize each one based on its suitability, including your ability to deliver what’s needed.

4. Address the bid’s issues

If the bid provides specific instructions and questions, address them. This might seem obvious, but providing anything but straight and relevant information is a waste of your time and theirs. While it might feel helpful to provide the information they’re looking for, it’s better to focus your efforts on being as clear and concise as possible addressing what they have asked.

5. Stand out from the crowd

This is the hardest one to explain because there’s not one solution that will work in every situation. At the very least offer the following:

  • A solution to their needs
  • A guarantee of quality and performance
  • Clear, concise answers and information
  • Find ways to mitigate their risk and address this concern when raised. Always have full solutions rather than half measures.
  • Something memorable. This could be your superior customer service, your bid strategy, or just your innovative solutions. Find something that will make them remember you.

Developing an effective bidding strategy for construction projects can be challenging, and still doesn’t always guarantee success. At Construction Guide, we understand how difficult it can be to grow your business if bidding isn’t your strong suit.

That’s why it’s our mission to assist builders in signing new business, including helping with the bidding process. We also strive to help clients find the right professionals for their project, as we understand how hard it can be from both sides. We only promise what we can deliver, and we’re completely transparent through the whole process. Let’s build to last!

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