Looking at the Major Trends of 2019 for the Construction Industry

Looking at the Major Trends of 2019 for the Construction Industry

If you were to take a look at construction industry trends for the last few decades, they might look very similar year after year. However, with recent big advances in certain areas, these trends are beginning to shift. Here at Construction Guide, we always make sure we keep ahead of the trends to give our clients everything they need. We’ve put together a list of the biggest trends of 2019 for the construction industry so that you also know what to look for.

Talent hiring and retention

Finding (and keeping) the right talent has always been a problem in this industry. However, it’s become an even bigger problem in recent years as many companies are finding it difficult to retain staff, even with the excellent training courses they offer. For many people though, this is no longer enough.

To get the most from your talent, including training and employee retention, consider some of the following points (which are only becoming more popular):

  • Your brand. Why would people want to work for your company, and what sets you apart from the competition? More importantly, why would they want to stay working for your company?
  • Hiring. Where do you find potential employees? How thorough is your screening process? Examining key areas like this will improve your retention rate.
  • Employee training. Does training continue after initial onboarding? If not, why not? Good training is an easy way to improve employee retention rates.
  • Risk management strategies

It’s no surprise that this continues to be a trending topic in 2019, as many more firms are developing more thorough risk management strategies for their construction projects.

Construction firms should pay attention to the importance of company-wide risk management, on all levels, and should work to establish a best practice procedure. If you already have one, constantly review it to make sure you keep up with industry developments.


Technology has changed all our lives, mostly for the better. The same is definitely true in the construction industry, and we’re currently seeing bigger leaps in technology than ever before. Not only is this in equipment, but also in materials, and even indirectly through catering to new public services.

In fact, you could even look at six sigma development training as an advance in technology. However, construction firms need to find the right balance between technology innovations and overreliance, as it’s not worth putting your employees on the sidelines in favor of the hottest new thing.

Some final thoughts

Keeping up with the latest construction industry trends is a must if you want to stay ahead of the game. The industry is more competitive than ever, so it’s necessary to find ways to separate yourself from the competition.

Construction Guide understands how important this is, but also how these trends are constantly changing. Use this as an opportunity to reassess your business, including how you hire and train employees, and what you’re doing to stay up to date.

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