New Renderings Offer Look at Plans for New York Blood Center

New Renderings Offer Look at Plans for New York Blood Center

We at Construction Guide like to keep up to date with the latest New York construction news. On that note, we were excited to see the newly released renderings for the New York Blood Center’s planned expansion of its headquarters.

Located on East 67th Street in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the project plans to replace the company’s existing headquarters with a new 16-storey tower. Considering the recent slump in nationwide construction projects, this is promising New York construction news.

The new building will cover 596,000 square feet of space and will contain room for a number of different businesses. The current plan is that the Blood Center will have floors one to five. In these will be a blood donation center, research labs, offices, and admin spaces.

Although no official businesses have yet been announced, floors seven and up are reserved for companies associated with Longfellow Real Estate Partners, who are co-developers on the project. It’s likely there will be conference facilities, cafes, and collaborative spaces.

What’s more, the construction project is estimated to create around 2,600 new jobs on the site itself, along with 3,000 other jobs in the neighborhood. The projected annual economic output is around $1.1 billion, which is a very promising sum.

The Blood Center, along with Longfellow, also plan to create a development program for local youth and college students. The intention is to funnel them into STEM related areas, such as programming, training, and education, while building partnerships with local organizations.

The New York Blood Center is a valuable resource in the city. Along with blood collection, the center also organizes research and development of new plasma therapy, and helped to develop vaccines for SARS, HIV, and MERS. The center is also currently working on new Covid-19 treatments.

Renovating their headquarters to such a large degree will hopefully massively expand their research capabilities and project reach. The intention of developing the space in this way is to foster collaboration and innovation among teams who might not get to mix in their everyday working lives.

As the project is only in its planning stage, there’s no information on the beginning or end of construction. Even so, this is some great New York construction news and will bring great economic benefit to the city. Construction Guide is excited for all the latest developments on this project in the future.

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