New York City’s Hard Rock Hotel is Nearing Completion

New York City’s Hard Rock Hotel is Nearing Completion

Here at Construction Guide, we’re closely monitoring the comeback of the NYC construction industry in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re excited to see the continuation of large-scale construction projects like the Hard Rock Hotel by Extell and Hard Rock International, which are vital for the spirit and success of the city.

Currently, Construction Guide is contributing by helping brave NYC developers continue with their planned projects, which range from 10,000 to 100,000 square feet, and cover multi-family, condominium and commercial projects.

The Hard Rock Hotel is one such project. Located at 159 West 48th Street in Times Square, the 35-storey glass-fronted building is nearing its final stages of completion. Standing at 442 feet tall, the building reached its height in almost no time at all. This is an exciting sign considering the difficulties the industry is currently facing.

The building consists of 291,000 square feet of floor space with 446 guest rooms, flexible meeting rooms, 24-hour dining services, two entertainment spaces, fitness center, and rooftop lounge. The project will offer more exciting options in the heart of Times Square that are sure to attract many visitors.

The lower half of the building is covered in dark reflective glass, similar to other buildings in the square. Eagle-eyed visitors will also notice the metal frame studs around the perimeter of the multi-story podium.

Although not yet finished, the top of the building is still under construction but promises to offer some exciting sights. At the very top there will be an illuminated Hard Rock sign, which will face into the square and join the many other business logos and advertising currently dominating the space.

The Hard Rock Hotel is being built during a momentous period in Times Square’s history. A number of construction projects are currently underway that promise to transform the square as we currently know it, all of which will offer more guest rooms and other hospitality options to one of New York City’s most popular and exciting areas.

While the exterior of the project is near completion, the Hard Rock Hotel isn’t due to open until 2022. However, the continuation of this large-scale and important project is exactly what we all want to see because it hopefully points to a larger upward trend in construction projects across the country.

We at Construction Guide are pleased to see that this project is taking shape and keeping to its original timeline despite nationwide concerns about a slowdown in the construction industry. Hopefully it’ll be a sign to other prospective developers that things are returning to some kind of normality. And if you’re one of those developers considering a new large-scale construction project, contact Construction Guide to see how we can help you get off the ground.

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