Tech Plus Discusses The Agenda For Their Upcoming Digital Conference

Tech Plus Discusses The Agenda For Their Upcoming Digital Conference

On October 22, 2020, Tech Plus will hold their digital conference focusing on the role of technology in project design and construction sustainability. The conference promises to be a font of important information at the forefront of the construction and design industry.

Presented by The Architect’s Newspaper and sponsored by Core Architect, the event will showcase a number of new technological innovations making their way into the construction and design industry.

Construction Guide makes every effort to remain up to date with the latest and most important innovations in the industry. Working smarter and harder is one of our main goals, and sustainability frames everything we do. As a result, we are very much looking forward to this year’s virtual conference.

The Speakers and Events

The event begins at 8:50 PT with a welcome opening by Dionne Darling, VP of Brand Partnerships at AN, and Dr. Negar Kalantar, Co-Director of California College of Arts and Digital Craft.

At 9:00 is the keynote from Fiona Cousins, Arup Fellow and Americas Digital Services Leader. The keynote is moderated by Dr. Kalantar. Following this at 10:00 is the forum Breaking Ground: Advances in Construction and Project Management. The panel will look at how technology is leading the way in construction and a range of project management tools that promise to make our lives easier and more efficient.

Between 11:00 and 11:40 are a range of talks and workshops, including Biz Blitz, sponsor workshop sessions, and information on methods and materials. At 11:50 is the next keynote from Stacy Scopano, Chief Tech Officer at Skender, again moderated by Dr. Kalantar.

At 12:50 is the Digital Toolbox: Tracking Progress on the Cloud forum. The panelists will address ways in which cloud and information sharing technology stand to benefit the construction industry. This is a topic Construction Guide is very passionate about, and we look forward to contributions from panelists including Steven Burns of BQE Software and Holly St. Clair, Chief Tech Officer for Sasaki.

The final panel of the day is at 2:10 after another Biz Blitz and break. The final panel is titled: Gaming the System: Harnessing Graphic Engines at 9 DeKalb. The panel features members of SHoP Architects, who have spent nearly 20 years pushing for new engineering techniques to be integrated into construction processes.

For their project at 9 DeKalb in Brooklyn, SHoP partnered with Unity Technologies, a video game firm, to see how they could streamline the process and render 3D data. The panel will effectively be a case study of how this process has worked. Considering this is in our neighborhood, it’s a project Construction Guide is very interested in.

Some Final Thoughts

Construction Guide is looking forward to this event, and we’re excited to see what amazing collaborations and developments result from it.

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