The Top 5 Habits Efficient Preconstruction Teams Need to Adopt

The Top 5 Habits Efficient Preconstruction Teams Need to Adopt

When it comes to a ground-up or full-gut construction project, the preconstruction team play a vital role. Due to the volume of work preconstruction teams have to deal with, it’s important for them to maximize efficient. Here at Construction Guide, we understand this, and so we’ve written a guide to the top 5 habits efficient preconstruction teams need to adopt.

1. Go digital if you haven’t already

All businesses benefit from going digital, and it’s what clients expect from their services nowadays. Not only is it a better way to work, but it’s also much easier for potential clients to make contact and communicate.

Not only that, but digitization makes preconstruction teams more efficient. Cloud-based working means people don’t always have to be in the office, and this means not waiting as long to complete work. If you haven’t already gone digital, then it’s the obvious first step.

2. Don’t be afraid of automation

Preconstruction teams can benefit massively from automating simple and repetitive tasks. While some people might think this means fewer jobs, this is far from the case.

Automation of processes means preconstruction teams can focus on the more complicated, people-oriented tasks and leave the machines to things like invoicing and data entry. This allows you to minimize errors and concentrate on the more important things.

3. Make sure you centralize your data

If your preconstruction team is lagging behind in digital processes, then it’s likely you also don’t have the most efficient data storage system. Preconstruction teams handle lots of data, much of which is needed constantly by different people.

Storing all your data in one centralized location, such as cloud-based storage or a central server, means employees can access what they want, when they need it. This means no more time wasted looking for that one file.

4. Always collaborate from the start

Large-scale construction projects are notorious for all companies to deal with their own business, while forgetting to communicate with each other. When it comes to the preconstruction team, it’s vital that they keep everyone involved from the start.

While this might be obvious, it’s definitely worth saying. By keeping all companies and stakeholders in the loop from the start, it’ll avoid any unnecessary delays and develop more efficient working relationships.

5. Be transparent with everyone

Transparency translates to trustworthiness, and if nothing else this results in better business leads in the future. Being honest and open with both internal and external departments will result in better business and fewer mistakes.

Obviously transparency needs to go both ways, so it’s also worth preconstruction teams setting this up with other teams. Doing so will mean both sides can rely on each other to get the job done more efficiently.


Preconstruction teams have the power to be one of the most efficient stages in the whole construction project, providing they’re managed properly. We at Construction Guide are always on hand to offer advice about how to get the most out of your preconstruction team for your next ground-up or full-gut construction project.

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