UN History Lecture to Celebrate its 75th Anniversary

UN History Lecture to Celebrate its 75th Anniversary

On Wednesday November 4th, we were to join the UN’s lecture on its history and latest renovation project behind the scene discussion. The event took place on Zoom and was hosted by the architectural lead on the project, Michael Adlerstein. The event was a success, and we at Construction Guide think it shared needed message for a world piece organization with over 153 nations involved.

The UN began its current renovation project back in 2007 and set a $2 billion budget. As a global leader in sustainability, the UN decided to remodel its current building rather than demolishing and rebuilding. Hopefully their example will encourage more companies to think the same.

The building’s construction was completed 68 years ago in 1952 and so was long overdue an update. The current renovation project intends to improve security, sustainability to gold and plantinum leed certification, accessibility, fire and safety compliance, and its internal infrastructure.

Wednesday’s presentation pointed out the RICH history of the building’s original construction. Key points were on its scale and details of the building’s historic preservation.

Here at Construction Guide, we’re always interested in projects in our home city of New York, but particularly ones of this scale and importance. We think the UN’s decision to renovate rather than reconstruct is applaudable, and we very much look forward to the interesting history lessons ahead.

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