Bestow Realty and Soluri Architecture Host Prestigious Completion Event at The Vidro

Bestow Realty and Soluri Architecture Host Prestigious Completion Event at The Vidro

On October 17, 2019, Construction Guide founder Ilya Lugintsev attended the prestigious Vidro Completion Event. The celebration was held at The Vidro, 313 W 121st St. in Harlem, between Manhattan Ave and Fredrick Bouglas Blvd. Brad Simmons – Principal Real Estate Developer from Bestrow Reality and Andre Soluri – Design Architect from
Soluri Architecture hosted the opening.

The Vidro is a unique and innovative building, which is a visible new addition to the Harlem Condominiums. Its construction is a flawless combination of interesting and stylistic architecture with sophisticated interiors. One of the notable features of the project is the glass exteriors, which allow for ample light throughout the properties.

Ilya G. Lugintsev had this to say about the building: «The Vidro Condominium Development reshaped West Harlem. It’s added a much-needed design direction to set the bar, rejuvenating the neighborhood».

The building offers qualities rarely seen – and often desired – in New York condominiums: generously proportioned interiors and 10,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space.

The building received the award during BUILD Magazine’s 2016 Architecture Award Series before construction had even begun. Based in the UK, BUILD Magazine selected the Vidro (then known formally as the Harlem Condo Building) based on its innovation, design, and features.

Construction Guide was honored to attend the Vidro Completion Event and sees the building as a symbol for the innovation and ultra – modern design.

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